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Looking into siding for your home? There’s a world of options available to you and the best option for you will depend on the style and size of your home. If you already have existing siding, you can clean and maintain regularly to avoid repairs. Sometimes, though, a faulty installation can prove to be costly. You need an expert from Charleston Roofs + Windows to install your siding professionally––otherwise, your siding could be pulled off with the next windy storm.

If you need siding repaired or installed in the Lowcountry area, call our knowledgeable staff at (843) 258-4861 today!

How To Care For Your Siding

Different kinds of siding present different repair possibilities. While wood siding may rot and wear down, vinyl siding can tear or puncture over time.

Some tips that will help you avoid pricey repairs include:

  • Keeping an eye on wood siding, as holes and cracks can allow unwanted pests to roam free. Replace any rotted parts, and make sure moisture isn’t seeping into your house walls. For any hefty siding removals, leave the heavy lifting to a qualified professional.
  • Trimming bushes and trees back from your siding to guard against faster wear and tear.
  • Cleaning vinyl siding about once a year by scrubbing with a brush and mild detergent and rinsing well.
  • Checking stucco siding for woodpecker holes, mold, or cracks. The extent of damage may be more than you realize, so contact a siding expert to investigate more thoroughly.

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    To make good on your investment into siding, it’s important to care for whatever material you have. If you’re looking into siding installment for your Charleston home, look no further than Charleston Roofs + Windows. We’ll use our expertise to care for your siding needs––whether it’s a simple siding repair or a brand new siding installation.

    Contact us today and we’ll do our best to answer all your questions about siding and your Lowcountry home!

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